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xpocoxpoco is a word in Zapotec meaning the sound of boiling water October 21, 2008

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When I blogged at telepuntura (WP, 06) and El jardín entre mis omóplatos / drama en gas (blogspot 07-08) I felt that blogs can become pretty impredictable beings, or to be slightly precise; may be built -conscious or unconsciously- as powerful tools of reflexion and self/transformation.

Lately I’ve only been able to write in social media formats, which is pretty bad for me, as I’ve been making my living as a writer. So instead of deepening in the Angst due to my Microsoft-Word panic, I’m going to try blogging again as a way back to writing more than 140 characters in a row.

Here’s my self-rescue blog. I’m pointing it towards the register of my process of learning German because I need a non literaturesque theme. But also, I would love xpocoxpoco to be another communication stream with the friends who may pass by for a read (luckly a comment!), and a pleasurable self-disciplinarian technique for studying Deutsch daily.

Why I choose to blog in English:

* Some of my friends do not read Spanish and all my Spanish speaker friends do read English.

* English flows faster than Romances languages, which makes it closer to digital rhythms

* Is quite wrong for a Mexican writer to do this.

Why I may blog in Spanish in despite of previous reasons:

* I utterly love/hate Spanish language.

* When I yield to drama there are just palabras en español in me.

Ok, that’s the intro. which easily could’ve been done on a tweet:

@onaono: I need to write +. I’m opening a blog in Eng & Spanish about learning German. tinyurl…

Welcome reader.


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