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French Horn October 22, 2008

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Today at 7 am I had an exam. At one point there was a group of cartoonish images which names and articles we had to write below. One of the images was a french horn. Of course, I did not know it’s name in Deutsch, least which of the das, die, der artikle to use. I tried to remember the classes when I was feeling most sleepy and I couldn’t attend properly, I thought maybe then I would remember my teacher pronouncing some those words I didn’t associated at that time but now would make sense. Nothing. I tried to go back to my summer in Zürich, in 1998. At one concert there were some pretty serious french horn players, and I’m sure I readed the Kultureprogramme, so that information must be in my brain, somewhere. Yes, but digging in those zones was putting in danger my concentration for the rest of the exam, so I quitted memory and tried improvisation:

Der Musikalischeinstrumente Französische.


Correct answer was: Das Musik.


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