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Un?tameable access to insight December 24, 2008

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Tactics for avoiding confrontation may vary immensely, but I bet none can pass fully unnoticed. I think cowardice has nothing to see with deafness, but it does have to see with blindness and -much worse- with laziness.

…the thing is, I do care for living beings and gentleness and music, but a lack of focusedness and disipline make me absurdly vulnerable to crave and crave and crave and janami adharmam, na ca me nivrittih.
[I know very well what is contrary to dharma, and yet I cannot abstain from it. from S.N. Goenka speech].

Today I putted a metal pan in the microwave. A disgusting smell and irritating sparks made me react and stop it on time, but it led me to a curiosity about stupidity / intensive daydreaming, followed by a wonder of the relation of sankaras and words, emotional habits and language.

It’s alarming to feel that words thougth or enunciated without proper concentration are invisible to own’s will; hostile words without any intention nor motive for hostility, flirty words with whoever is eager to listen them; intriguing words when needing to be clear, and stifled, jailed, lost words when desiring to open contact routes. But then; do all those tricky sabotages rely in part on the language where they take place? if it does, then the mixing/jumping among languages would help to modify habits and delusional patrons. Hopefully.

been at access to insight? that’s the friendly place where Theravada Buddhists share their wisdom for free.

+ The direct way to their beautiful Glossary of Pali terms.

Feliz navidad, warm et jolie celebration, stille Nacht.